Why We Give…Dana and Val Harrold

When what was supposed to be just a regular day out in the shop for the 46-year veteran woodworker, Dana Harrold, turned into an unfortunate accident requiring immediate medical attention, he and his wife Val turned to Headwaters Health Care Centre for the care he needed, and boy, are they glad they did!
Retired school teacher Dana was working at home on some renovations using his pre-World War II table saw when a problem with the manual switch caused him to severely cut and sever fingers on his left hand. “All these years as a shop teacher and I have never had an accident,” says Dana. “The good news is that an incident chock-full of bad luck was followed by a string of good luck, starting from the amazing emergency first responders right up to my rehab therapist!” At the time of the accident, Dana’s wife Val was not at home, and so Dana called 911 himself but knowing right away that he was going to require a surgeon figured that he would soon have to be transferred to a hospital in the city.

We were both very relieved to hear in Emergency that Headwaters had a brand new plastic surgeon who specialized in hand surgery and that she could perform surgery right then and there!

Val, spouse
Dr. Rebecca Greer-Bayramoglu performed the delicate reconstruction surgery right in the trauma area of the ER with the assistance of Dr. Ashley Kim. “She was fantastic.” praises Dana. “She was calm, friendly, and miraculously saved 2 ½ of my three severely damaged fingers.” Dana and Val were very impressed with the treatment and care at Headwaters, but noted, that during the procedure, Dr. Greer had to negotiate the use of a second surgical chair as she had given up hers to Dr. Kim.
“When I expressed my gratitude to Dr. Greer and asked if there was anything we could do to express our appreciation”, said Dana, “she jokingly said ‘yes, if I do a good job can you get me another chair?’” Before they left the hospital that day, Dana and Val decided Dr. Greer would get that chair. The Harrolds were then connected to the Foundation where they shared what they wanted to do and learned that hospital equipment is not funded by the government, but instead by the community through fundraising. “We had no idea the government doesn’t pay for items like this; speaking with the Foundation was an education for us”, shared Val. “We learned that the hospital can’t attract the best physicians and expand programs here if they don’t have the newest technology and proper tools.”
Dana is doing very well now and, in only 10 weeks through hard work with his fantastic rehab therapist Laurie Flynn, has excellent mobility in his hand, and has returned to doing everything he loves, including cross-country motorcycle trips and working in his shop and garden. What I thought would be a life-altering accident has simply turned out to be a minor inconvenience”, muses Dana.

“I can’t thank the staff at Headwaters enough and I hope that this contribution will make a difference and inspire others to give as well.”

Dana, patient