Local Surgeons take up residence in former 1871 Alton Hotel

Their building facade might be over 100 years old, but the doctors here can make you feel brand new. Headwaters Plastic Surgery has relocated to historic Alton, taking up residence in the former hotel, built in 1871.Dr. Rebecca Greer-Bayramoglu and her partner Dr. Ashley Kim started their practice in Orangeville in 2014 before moving to the quaint historic building. “It’s close enough to Orangeville,” said Greer-Bayramoglu. “We service a very large catchment area.”
The doctors operate a general plastic surgery practice, which deals with a number of reconstruction procedures from accidents, traumas, natural deformities, breast reconstruction and more. “Right now, our primary practice is around non-cosmetics,” said Dr. Kim, explaining that they also offer cosmetic procedures. Both doctors trained at the University of Western Ontario, where they met. After starting Headwaters Plastic Surgery, Greer-Bayramoglu recruited Kim to partner with her in the business.“Just the fact that you can make a difference in someone else’s life,” said Kim, explaining that procedures have the ability to change someone’s quality of life. “It’s a pretty unique relationship you develop.” She says that they are trained in a very diverse number of medical issues and aspects.

Dr. Ashley Kim (left) and Dr. Rebecca Greer-Bayramoglu have moved their practice to Alton, where they offer general plastic surgery services out of their newly renovated facility in the historic Alton Hotel.

Alexandra Heck, Metroland

“it’s kind of a creative surgical specialty,” said Kim. “There is an artistry.” Greer-Bayramoglu purchased the building, which had been gutted and renovated by its former owners. “We still work out of Headwaters Hospital,” she said, noting that they take referrals from the Orangeville Hospital, as well as a number of patients from Dufferin County and surrounding area.

“Alton is not very far,” she said, explaining that many patients are relieved and surprised to know that they will not have to travel to Toronto for treatment. “It’s a beautiful town, it’s a beautiful place to work.”

Headwaters Plastic Surgery is located at 19798 Main St Unit 101, open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. 

Their office phone number is 519-942-2222 . Reach them online at www.headwatersplasticsurgery.ca.